Friday, 23 February 2018

Patchwork Plus Sewmiriam Workshop

It is workshop season indeed and my Sewmiriam Workshop at Patchwork Plus in Miranda was such a delightful day.  Lorraine and her team made me feel so welcome and the ladies in the class were outstandingly talented and enthusiastic. Much was achieved and the results speak for themselves.

This workshop was all about making the Sewmiriam Handy Zip Top Bag.

The ladies learnt about

 *   choosing and mixing fabrics
 *   how to put in zippers
 *   quilt - as - you - go techniques
 *   boxing bag corners
 *   how to put in a pocket and lining, and
 *   how to make modifications to the pattern to create a variety of different bags.

And that's just to name a few of the things that were covered and discussed during the day! What I love about these workshop days is how each participant brings along their own style and works it into a Sewmiriam Bag. Bespoke bag making!

Brenda brought along a beautiful piece of fabric and she used this to make her bag front and back panels. This is what her bag looks like before boxing the corners. If she stops here, and just adds lining, she has a zip top bag that fits an iPad. Awesome !

Here is Brenda"s bag finished. I love how she has showcased a special piece of fabric. This method results in a bag in quick time!

Anastasia curated a beautiful selection of fabrics to create this divine bag. Here is the front 

and equally as beautiful -here is the back. I also love the texture created by the use of a large stitch size and thicker thread. 

Sue is happy with her bag front panel . How effective are her choice and placement of these vibrant fabrics.

Here are Judy, Carol and Elizabeth working away in class

Below is a special part of Judy's bag front. She used an exquisite patchwork piece ( note the tiny fussy cut hexagons) as the focus for her panel. I really wanted to steal this one!

Here is the Judy's other panel- just look at the beautiful fussy cut diamond star centre,

 Carol has a great eye for colour and she created this masterpiece.

Here is a small sample of the lovely panel  Elizabeth was working on . The fussy cut birds provide the perfect focus for this bag.

And last but certainly not least is this absolute stunner of a bag front, created by Denise. Tula Pink and Jen Kingwell fabric used together to perfection.

And here is the back

Well that is a wrap from this wonderful workshop day. Thank you one and all. I hope this blogpost has provided you with a wealth of inspiration.

I look forward to my next Sewmiriam Workshop at Patchwork Plus in Miranda on Friday 27th April. Call Lorraine for details on 02.95402786

Happy Sewing, love Miriamx

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Thorpe and Co Magic

On Saturday 3rd February I had the great pleasure of running a Sewmiriam Tote Bag making workshop at Thorpe and Co in Boolaroo. Maarten, Chris and Janette made me feel so welcome.

It was such a fun day with a wonderfully talented group of ladies. Some faces I recognised from a previous workshop. These ladies had come back for more! No pressure - LOL.  When I arrived there was a lovely display set amongst divine fabrics. Janette had made a sample Sewmiriam Tote using a vintage tapestry - gorgeous!

Let's see what these clever ladies produced in the class. First up is Olga's delightful Anna Maria Horner bag front. I love that large  raspberry spot !

Janelle used this beautiful poppy print as her focus fabric  and framed it with a superb vibrant gingham.

Rachelle had an enviable collection of Cotton and Steel fabrics and made this panel, which is destined to make a stunning bag.

Candy used bold quilting to make this cat panel go from fantastic to FABULOUS.

Deb did a great job by fussy cutting an Anna Maria Horner fabric to perfection and enhancing it with quilting.

Who wouldn't want this bag for their travelling adventures! Panel perfectly done by Trish during class.

Narelle had a safari theme going on. Look at that ric rack fabric!

Chris coordinated these fabrics, and fussy cut the focus fabric to showcase the birds, trees and the house. I love this combination.

Di put together a striking combination of fabrics. I love the way she has used her focus fabric to create a lace looking side frame.

We even had time to make a professional zippered pocket in our linings on the day.

Cathie loves reproductions and framed them beautifully in class with vibrant colours. Clever!

Who doesn't like an aqua and raspberry combination with a Jennifer Paganelli focus! Tiff put this stunner together .

Debbie framed this beautiful butterfly panel with a vibrant tomato coloured print. 

And last but not least look at  Kay's Sewmiriam Handy Ziptop bag that she was working on in class. It features a Tula Pink tiger print.  This will make a very special bag indeed.

As you have seen, magic was happening in the Thorpe and Co sewing space! Thank you ladies.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this blogpost. You are always welcome. Come visit again soon.

Happy sewing, love Miriamx

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Quiltsmith Magic!

Last Tuesday I had the privilege of teaching at Quiltsmith in Annandale. A very talented group of ladies gathered to make Sewmiriam Handy Zip Top Bags.

With sewing machines ready to go the fun began. 

First up is Sharron, whose creation went from this 

 to this gorgeous bag panel. I love the way the cat is "stepping out ." 

Kylie had a wonderful selection of special fabrics to work with and made this vibrant panel

Janice worked her magic and put this combination together.  Everyone wanted a piece of that centre fabric!

Next up is Moira's stunning work with clever fussy cutting

Lindy brought along a beautiful selection of reproduction fabrics which she mixed with graphic prints   to great effect

Barbara created a gorgeous panel using some prized fabric pieces from her stash

and last, but certainly not least, Lisa made 2 panels beautiful panels with perfect fussy cutting details 

and put them together to make her bag . How awesome is this!

As you can see this was a very talented class of ladies who all should be so proud of their finished pieces! 

I am now busy preparing for the next Sewmiriam workshops which are on Saturday 3rd February at Thorpe and Co and then on Wednesday 6th February at Patchwork Plus  Can't wait!

Happy sewing my friends, love Miriamx 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Festive Sewing

It has been busy here at Sewmiriam behind the scenes. My attempts to find time to post have failed miserably of late, so finally here at last is a bit of festive cheer  as we approach the holiday season at full speed! Every year this happens to me. I make every attempt to be organised and prepared, but somewhere along the line I get caught up with life, and suddenly POW! It is that time of year again and I am running around like a headless chicken. When will I ever learn!

I have managed to squeeze in some gift sewing for some special people who make for others selflessly all year long. They give generously, so I though now is the time to make something for them.
 I used the Sewmiriam Zara Zip Top Bag Pattern to make these bags in festive colour ways, and added jingle bells for a bit of extra pizzaz!

Next up I did an easy modification of my Sewmiriam Handy Zip Top Bag Pattern 

and made an iPad cover

and then some pencil cases for my three wonderful children 

 In case you were wondering,  I have just put out some of my patterns commercially. It feels surreal. They are appearing in quilt and sewing shops in Australia now and I am beyond delighted! Ask your local shop to order them through Lynne Wilson of HQW Distributors . They are currently in stock and for sale at Cottage Quiltworks in Warriewood.

I have lots of workshops coming up in 2018 already at Quiltsmith,  Thorpe and Co, and at Patchwork Plus at Miranda. I will be around and about at Cottage Quiltworks as well, so great things are happening in 2018. I will keep you posted.

 Wishing you and your families a healthy and safe Festive season, and of course happy sewing!

Love Miriamx